The Cat Cafe

TOT the Cat Café, located in downtown Toronto, is a traditional style café with a unique twist; They offer a simple, yet elegant menu to enjoy while viewing our furry friends.




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Blank Slate

Owners Scott and Kenneth came to us with a blank slate. We helped them with their social media and business plan, starting with:


Our efforts yielded substantial results in a short period of time. We organized our posts and frequency by referencing a pyramid of trending, relevant categories. TOT’s brand personality helped to spark active discussion on social media outlets, which helped to align TOT’s brand with the cat community.


Nothing is more important to a business than its customers, so we suggested unique ways to maximize relationships. The community is fresh and passionate, so it was clear that interactive contests would spark involvement. It is apparent that we were able to help Scott and Kenneth with their product, brand awareness, and future. Our outreach gained attention from over 20 media outlets including CBC, Toronto Star, Blog TO and Buzz Feed Canada!


Since we helped release the cat from the bag, Scott and Kenneth have continued to do a great job managing the establishment. Countless reviews highlight their extraordinary customer service. Other cat cafés have planned to launch in Toronto, but TOT is the first and people love it. Happy is the café with at least one cat, and according to credible feedback and media outlets, this statement holds true. We still have a relationship with Scott and Kenneth and the BlackSheep team looks forward to being a part of all nine of TOT’s lives.


We spent sometime building strategy and formed a partnership with Toronto’s Humane Society. This innovative structure heightened adoptions, customer satisfaction, and helped to create TOT’s unique brand and a sense of community.