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Not Every Voice Has Volume

The earth in the palm of a hand in between two speakers expelling sound. Your online presence is in your hands and we help to give your voice volume, attention, awareness, reach

Social Media Optimization.

Black Sheep combines social media outlets to increase brand and product awareness, and establish a consistent personality for your company. This achieves sustainability and an eventual increase in market share and company value.

Traffic Control

Along the way there can be bland, irrelevant content. These instances halt traffic to your business and lower your rank on search engine results.

A cartoon red traffic light with an indifferent expression on his/her face

Traffic Control

Trust the experts to drive traffic to your social media channels. Let Black Sheep be your green light.

A cartoon green traffic light radiating excitement with his/her hands to the sky
  • Day + Night

    Black Sheep Social offers an around-the-clock web monitoring service to ensure valuable information is incorporated in your social media and not overlooked. We constantly stalk relevant current events and pounce on opportunity as it surfaces. The moment that you sign up, we will take charge of the activity on all of your social accounts to provide effortless and consistent human interaction with your consumers.

Five scattered pieces of paper with graphs and statistics sketched on them
  • Like, Love, Loyalty

    Here at Black Sheep, we've created a 3L acronym, which stands for Like, Love, and Loyalty.
    To us, this defines the ideal path of a relationship between business and customer.

    thumbs up to sigify like, heart to signify love, and two hands shaking to signify loyalty.
A black sheep moving away from a herd of white sheep.

Be a Black Sheep

There is no doubt that Social Media has a direct effect on purchase decisions. Black Sheep has developed a creative and forward thinking approach to ensure that YOU stand out in a sea of competition.

A black sheep confidently standing on a tower of social media icons
A curious cat with a question mark for a tail that links to Black Sheep’s TOT the Cat Café case study

Case Study

Curiosity fueled the feline in the instance of TOT the Cat Cafe. Click the Curious Cat to learn more about Black Sheep's approach to AMPLIFYING your voice.

TOT the Cat Café Case Study